About Premier Warehousing Services and Rogers-Premier Unloading Services

Company Overview and History

Premier Warehousing Services, Inc. (Premier) is a North Carolina corporation established in November of 1996. It is a privately owned business operating several subsidiaries, including Rogers-Premier Unloading Services, LLC (Rogers-Premier).

Rogers-Premier is owned by Premier and Rogers Unloading Services, Inc. (Rogers), another privately owned North Carolina company. Rogers and its predecessors have been in the unloading business since 1980. These companies started a joint business effort in 2001 and organized Rogers-Premier in the spring of 2003 to operate the business as a North Carolina limited liability company.

Premier and its subsidiaries, including Rogers-Premier, maintain their corporate headquarters in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Our affiliated companies currently serve more than 50 locations throughout the United States and employ over 1000 employees. Premier and Rogers-Premier continue to grow and improve their operations to achieve the highest levels of efficiency possible

Operations and Management

Our affiliated group currently provides services in the following states: New York, Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Utah, Wisconsin and California. While our customer base is very strong on the East coast, we do not limit our operations to any one area. We have developed a strong nationwide management team to make our efforts as seamless as possible.


The owners of Premier and Rogers are actively involved in the business. They continue to participate in day-to-day management. Our original objective of staying engaged with our customers is still very important to us and the way our business is conducted.

Director of Operations

Eric Spina is our Director of Operations. Eric has worked for Premier since 1997 and has been instrumental in the development and growth of Premier and Rogers-Premier since their inception. He has been involved with a wide range of business models (grocery, food service, storage, relocations). He has great knowledge of our business and distribution facilities operations. Eric currently directs the overall field operations of Premier and Rogers-Premier.

Regional Managers

We currently have ten Regional Managers in charge of the field operations Warehouse groups and two Regional Managers that handle special projects. Our on-site managers report to our Regional Managers.

Manager of Safety and Training

Steve Sponaugle is our Manager of Safety and Training. Steve has over 10 years in the warehouse and distribution industry and oversees our safety and training programs. He monitors programs and procedures to help insure they meet government and customer requirements.

Manager of Information Technology

John Daniel is our Manager of Information Technology. John has 16 years in the computer field and manages all aspects of our information technology and warehouse services data management system.

Sales Manager

Scott McClellan is our Sales Manager. Scott has been involved in the warehouse and transportation industries for over 25 years and has experience in all modes of transportation. Scott is in charge of outside sales and new customer relations.

Technical Expertise

Our companies have committed significant resources to the development of our warehouse services data management system (WSDM). WSDM was created to streamline our business by automating our payroll and invoicing departments and working towards paperless operations. In addition, we use the data collected at the dock level to the benefit of our customers. We are meeting our objectives with this system that allows us to communicate billing information to our customers electronically and to generate all types of customer reports. Unloading reports can be generated on short time frames and sent to any one desired by the customer. The Warehouse personnel can also use the system to create their own reports or just simply view information about the unloading activities at the location. The WSDM system also is capable of taking pictures at the dock level and sending them to any interested party. Premier and Rogers-Premier are continuously refining our system to meet the needs of our customers.


We believe the unloading process should not be the weak link in the distribution process. Our focus is to raise these services to the same efficient level as other phases of our customer's warehouse system. In the process we feel our efforts will make the whole process better for the warehouse, carriers, and shippers.

Premier and Rogers-Premier are service-oriented companies managed and operated to fulfill customer needs. We have built our business and reputation on serving your business.

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