Warehousing Services Data Management System - WSDM

Using handheld technology with web-enabled data analysis and reporting, the WSDM System facilitates a paperless, portable, and fully automated data gathering and reporting solution at the dock.

WSDM Enables Unparalleled Efficiency in the Industry

WSDM provides accurate data collection on the dock
  • Data Management at the Dock
    • Cash management and tracking
    • Fraud detection
    • Driver signature capture with printable receipts
    • Job and task tracking
    • Employee time sheets
  • Secure Backend Data Management System
    • Web-based - data analysis and reporting over secure Internet access
    • Fully customizable to meet your business needs
    • On demand data reporting
  • Flexible design and configuration of services per distribution center: unloading, loading, selection, spotting, re-fueling, pallet repair, and facility sanitation.
  • Advanced services for yard checks: reefer fuel levels, equipment location, temperature readings, pending refuel alerts
  • Customized pricing plans per distribution center and per customer
WSDM data input on the dock

WSDM Benefits

  • Accurate data collection on the dock.
  • Carrier, Shipper, and Productivity analysis: unloading time, pallets/week, cases/month, managed vs. common loads, etc.
  • Up-to-the-day charge and rebate reports.
  • Ability to view and analyze trends within a center or across multiple centers.
  • Job reporting by PO including driver signatures and electronic copies of receipts.
  • Fraud detection to make sure trucks coming to your center are not defrauded by unloading company employees.
  • Customizable and detailed billing.

Benefits for the Warehouse Manager

  • What was I billed today? The ability to see charges the next business day.
  • What kind of loads came in today/tomorrow/last week/last month/etc.? The ability to see a breakdown of loads based on type of load (transport, backhaul, common carrier, etc.)
  • What kind of loads are coming in that are common carrier? The ability to see the detail for all loads not paid for by the center.
  • Questions about a particular load... The ability to search by transaction number, PO #, or by date range for a particular service and then to view the details of that service including a copy of the receipt.
  • How much are my loads costing me? The ability to view a cost analysis report (Daily Activity Review) to see the charges incurred from the unloading company, broken down by load type. The ability to view and print past invoices.

Benefits for Customers with Multiple Distribution Centers

  • Ability to compare costs between centers.
  • Ability to review common carrier loads across the corporation to highlight opportunities for creating contracts with distributors.
  • Ability to measure the overall cost of unloading to the corporation.
  • Ability to analyze loads across the corporation to check for inefficiencies (high labor loads, partially loaded trailers, etc.)
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