Comprehensive Warehousing Services

Much More Than Just Lumper Services

  • Freight Unloading - Truck, container and rail car unloading.
  • Pallet Restacking - Re-configuration of freight to customer's pallet, cart, conveyance etc; requirements.
  • Freight Running - Movement of product to customers specified staging/storage location.
  • Product/Pallet Labeling/Tagging - Application of storage conveyance I.D. tags.
  • Facility Sanitation - Facility cleanup to include sweeper/scrubber operations and trash removal.
  • Pallet Repair - Maintenance of customers pallet repair requirements.
  • Reclamation Center Operations - Staffing and management of customer's reclamation center.
  • Order Selection - Selection of orders to customer specifications.
  • Fork Lift Storage/Let Down Operation - Complete Fork Lift replenishment operation.
  • Salvage Operations - Operation of customer's internal product salvage operation.
  • Janitorial Service - Office, Break Room and Rest Room cleaning.
  • Product Receiving - Shipment O.S. & D. verification and documentation.
  • Freight Loading - Truck, container and rail car loading.


  • Increased productivity and significant cost savings
  • Trained, insured, reliable labor
  • OSHA trained and certified equipment operators
  • Minimized liabilities
  • On-site management / supervision
  • Customized management and accounting support
  • Improved relations with common carriers and vendors
  • Production pay system
  • Incentive programs
  • Fit-for-duty policy
  • Productivity-focused employees
  • Trained road crew for efficient start-up and transitions

Yard Management Services

  • Trailer Spotting - Trailer Spotting as required to support customer requirements.
  • Trailer Inventory - Provide documentation of empty and loaded trailer location/availability.
  • Truck/Reefer Re-fueling - Provision of truck/tractor/ reefer re-fueling in conformance of customer requirements.
  • Yard Grounds Keeping - Maintenance of customer's yard sanitation level requirements.
Unloading and Loading Services

We are a leading provider of professional unloading and logistic services

  • Servicing the retail grocery and food service industries through-out the United States
  • Our objective is to enhance cost-effectiveness, support efficiency and improve productivity levels
  • We strive to be an efficient link in the distribution chain and provide customers with a competitive edge in a fast-paced economy
  • We operate at the fore-front of technology with our Warehousing Services Data Management system - WSDM

We are a service-oriented company operating to fulfill your needs

We take responsibility for and pride in our employees. Employment screening and training procedures are applied to provide a quality and qualified work force. The company trains all of its employees according to OSHA regulations, including classroom training and practical testing to meet those standards. Our Safety and Training Manager monitors programs and procedures to help insure they meet government and customer requirements. The company also conforms to all customer security practices.

We staff and manage our operations to provide consistent, top quality service. We provide on-site management, as well as conduct regular weekly/monthly meetings and periodic business reviews to coordinate the delivery of desired services. We also employ a regional management organization to maintain a high level of system oversight. This structure allows us to establish guidelines and procedures, and institute changes as needed, to keep pace with a dynamic and ever-changing industry environment.

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